3 Simple Rules For IM’ers

Hello All,

Here we go again on the blog posting. If you have read the post before this you’ll know that I had life issues that had kept me away for a while.

Starting over hasn’t been so bad. Remembering what to do and, more importantly, what not to do has been easier that I thought actually.

Of course, Rule #1 avoid the Shiny Object Syndrome..(or junk software)…so far so good….that pull is there however! That’s a bad one folk’s.blogging marketing plan

Next, because blogging is so important to ones business, is of course writing a blog post as often as you can. No matter where you are in your business, I have found there are thousands that are below you on the Internet Marketing knowledge ladder.

They are trying to avoid that Shiny Object Syndrome also. If they know about it. If not, they will learn it from you right? For sure they will learn things on your blog that will further them along their path. That’s what help’s us all stay away from the Shiny Objects (mostly junk software) that soak up our $$$ and will find some cool shade on our hard drive for the duration while we sweat puddles working hard to make a living.

Make no mistake. I don’t hate software, I own one or two. I just think most of it is useless crap. Your so much better off buying a set of video’s or PDF’s and learning how to do things right. Your business will be sooo much better for it.

Now of course on to my third rule of life in the Internet Marketing World. Product Creation. It has to be next right? Can you name any Marketers who have made it big in IM that did not sell their own products? My bet is you couldnt. Why? I have been around awhile and I know of none. The people I have talked to know of none. If you know of anybody who has made a good living without product creation please tell me.

So If you are interested in success. The kind that last’s, just stop here and watch me follow and adhere to my rules. #1.Keep the blog up to date. #2 Avoid the wicked Shiny Objects. #3 Work on product creation.

I also have some awesome information to share with you but I have decided to wait a few weeks. I want many, many people signed up here when I share this!

Seeya Soon!



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