Hello Everyone,

I will try to keep this as short as possible for you. I know you will be wanting to get on to making your living.

I grew up in a little subdivision on a 10,000 acre lake in Southern WI The summertime was filled with Fishing and Water Skiing, the winters Hunting, Trapping, and School. I really could not have had a better childhood.

I left school after my Jr year in High School thinking I was to smart for it all. This led me right to where you would guess. Either the unemployment line or working manual labor for pennies.

In my case I was lucky, I chose the latter. I worked harvesting tobacco in the summer and was a gas station attendant in the winter and part time summer.

Next, because I now found myself with a wife and child on the way I had to get a big boys job.

This is where the journey really begins. A quite interesting one at that! I spray painted buildings and various new construction areas. Then I was a self employed spray painter, doing it for 5 years.

The money was good but I had to work in the winter with a family to support so I sold everything and it was off to the factory.

I took a job building semi trailers, shooting the rivets in the side of the body. Here I was promoted to supervisor and was pleased to be sent to school for Industrial Management. However, times were rough around the turn of the century and they ended up closing it down. They wanted me to move to their other plant in AL but I was reluctant as my children were here in WI.

Next a company that made boxes, both shipping and display hired me with the understanding that I was next in line for a management position. I ran a machine (or several) for 3 years and was promoted to supervisor and given a very nice raise in wages. Things were going well for them and 2 years later I was again promoted to a shift supervisor/buyer. There was much more responsibility and they compensated me well.

Then, once again, my working world crashed down around me. A large conglomerate in the paper industry, GN, bought out a majority share of the company and quickly brought in there own management teams. The only one’s that would continue to get a pay check were the people on the production floor.

Now, I was given a beautiful severance package with all the bells and whistles.

That said, once again, just when I thought I was going to have a future with a company, someplace I would retire at, it all fell through.

This was the second time.

It wasn’t going to happen again.

I started looking online for something different.

It wasn’t long before I came across an interesting offer selling both digital and physical items in the real estate niche. At the time it cost, with everything included, $1000. I went all in, followed the training to the letter. Then the magic happened.

In the space of 6 days after my website went live, I made close to 13K. In a week! Before I pulled that website 3 month’s later, I had made 32K.

I was hooked.

The next month’s program was going to cost me $250 and I turned it down. I took the next 8 month’s and did nothing but learn…everything….that’s everything there is to know about this business that I could find.

The rest, as they say is history. I have since tried and been successful in many different ways of marketing online. From adsense to viral e-books to U-Tube and Facebook strategies, blogs, and the list goes on. Since really 2007. In 2008 I could finally call myself an Internet Marketer!

I will say it took me to long to figure out how important learning more than one form of Traffic generation was. You see, I was relying on Google wayyyy to much. I found out the hard way that they change their Algorithms often and for a time I was actually making average money. That was difficult for me after making more money than I had ever dreamed of.

There have been other bleeps on the radar as well. Early on I have had a computer crash and lost everything….(most). Then in late 2013 my mother became ill and we didn’t know how long she would be so I took the 4 years off and made the last of her life as good as I possible could. With shopping, different foods, roadtrips…Everything. Unfortunately, the person I left in charge of just watching my business……well he didn’t. I lost my websites, my list, hosting went down EVERYTHING.

So here I am….starting fresh but with a running start and a head full of Internet Marketing knowledge. I had money coming in after a week so I think I’ll be OK.

Next on my agenda is to get some more good training and some great products back up on the blog again and at present the biggest project is a home study course of the likes nobody has seen…

Now, you know a little about me, please let me know some about you!

What is your biggest challenge in this business?

Any questions, suggestions, anything at all.

Leave a comment below or email me anytime!


All The Best To You and Your Business,




P.S. If I could give just one piece of advice to help you really make it in this business it would be this.

*Find one thing and stick with it until your very good at it*

One strategy…. SEO, Viral E-Books, Affiliate Marketing, Product Creation, etc

The same with Traffic…..pick ONE way of generating traffic (no more than two) and get good at it…..THEN move on

Do That and You’ll Be Fine!


PPS In the interest of Full Disclosure….. If you happen to see Michael Allen O’Reilly or you may see Michael Allen occasionally (or not) don’t get confused they are me…:-) Long story short. as a child I was told I was adopted by my stepfather Dan O’Reilly. At that time my name was Michael Allen. Growing up I went by O’Reilly because I thought it was my name. Well, my father challenged it a few years later (why I don’t know) and it was found that he had never signed off on it.

So, in reverence to my step father Danny O’Reilly I kept the name O’Reilly. It was the only name I ever knew growing up and Dan truly was my father and the best man I’ve ever known.

On legal papers however I have to use Allen. I found that out the hard way. I will explain how some day.

So you may or may not see Allen…but if you do…Now you know why. 🙂


FREAKY FACT ‘O THE DAY #1……..I was a Professional Water Skier for 8 years. Slalom Skiing from age 6.

FREAKY FACT ‘O THE DAY #2……..When I was a newbie, the first website I built was in the Real Estate Niche and made me 12K in 5 days!

FREAKY FACT ‘O THE DAY #3……..I rode a Unicycle more than a bicycle growing up. Often riding in area parades.

FREAKY FACT ‘O THE DAY #4……..I started learning Guitar at age 8 and played in many Classic and Country Rock bands. The latest being aJohn Mellencamp cover band with 13 members.