Affiliate Marketing While List Building

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Today let’s talk about increasing your Affiliate Marketing earnings with just a few simple touches.

First of all, if you’re buying traffic, make every effort to cut costs. Do not rest until you find the highest converting traffic for the best price. This may take some time but if you stick with it and keep your eye on the prize you’ll be astonished. Never settle!

In no time you will see profit’s adding up as your list will as well because you’ll be able to buy more and more traffic with your improved earnings.

Now that you are satisfied with the traffic your using in your Affiliate Marketing and making more sales, It’s time to approach the product owners and ask them to raise your commission, or pay you at a higher percentage. This can be very lucrative for you in the long term. It costs you nothing to ask and more often than not they will be happy to bump you up. They know it will lead to more leads, sales and long term profit for them.

So now that your cruising right along in your affiliate marketing world it’s time to scale that good traffic you have found.Affiliate Marketing List Building Success

Hopefully you have been building your email lists so now you can start promoting new offers to them.The more list building you have done, the more traffic you can send. Continue list building with funnels you’ve made with paid advertisement that will pay for themselves with immediate commissions you earn. Continue this strategy and you will get the reputation of an affiliate marketer who can send large quantities of high converting traffic. Leverage that reputation for even higher commissions.

Now that you have gotten this far with your Affiliate Marketing it’s time to increase conversions. Obviously, you cannot do much about sales pages but as you grow your list you have put on another hat. Work at becoming a trusted expert in your niche. This comes from having your name out there and sending intelligent emails to your list. People will begin to listen to you and value your advice. Now, when you recommend a product they will buy.

You can start pre-selling now. Use your emails as well as blog post’s and pre-sale pages your customers see before they even get to the sales page. This works very well when your being recognized as a trusted expert and niche authority your list, and others in the niche, trust.

One last thing that keep’s circling around to my mind folks………

Keep Building Your List!

Now that you have that list of buyers you are now self sufficient!

Product owners can pull the plug or change offers or even niches anytime they want.

With your list you have financial security!


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