The Affiliate Networking Mindset

So your just about to Skype with a potential JV partner, talk with a big Affiliate on the phone, or meet some fellow marketer’s at a conference etc This contact is very important to your business in that it could mean the difference between having lucrative business partners for years…or not. What can we say to help these top guns trust us?

Should we try to impress them and wow them with our infinite expertise? Try to be funny and outgoing? Act like we’re extraordinary successful?


Affiliate Marketing MindsetFirst of all, be yourself….yes, in all your glory….lol

But seriously, the first step in getting people to begin to trust you is to show them how interested you are in them.

If, very soon you will be speaking to a business prospect; decide right then and there how you feel about them.Before you meet, choose to find them interesting, intriguing, and kind. When you finally meet them you will be giving off the vibe they want. Making them feel as important as they are.

Ask to hear their story; how they got this far. “That’s cool. How did that work out? So what happened next?”

Make your voice and energy positive at all times.Nobody likes a negative Nelly!

During this exchange you reinforce your friendship with this affiliate as now he knows he’s not alone in the world and someone out there “gets him” The more of these feelings you can create the more points of connection you will make with them.

Next, don’t offer any advice without permission. They may have been just telling you their story and not looking for any feedback. So never assume. Invite them subtly[GARD align=”right”]

“That’s really interesting. I have an idea that might be helpful to you, would you like me to share it?”

In our business the word “No” is a word very seldom respected. So make sure you ask permission before making any kind of presentation. “Hi John, Could I have 5 minutes of your time?” “I have something very cool I think you’ll appreciate!”

When you ask permission it indicates you respect them and see them as your equal, not some regular affiliate to be dominated.

Also, make sure you ask them for feedback after you offer them information. You could say, So what is your opinion on this thing? Do you think it will work?

Be as helpful as you can with them. Even if they are not ready to buy, do a joint venture or promote your product right now. Share resources with them. Introduce them to people who can help them. Overall, just find ways to be as helpful as possible

If you conduct yourself in this manor and using these method’s of networking and follow-up I believe your business will always continue to grow leaps and bounds!


I hope you all enjoyed this!



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