Make Sure Your Auto-Responders Are Not Marked as Spam

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There’s no point in paying to send Auto-Responders if they just end up in your spam folder…right? I know it happens a lot, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to happen to you. Here are some quick tips to help guarantee that your emails will reach the inbox – where they belong!

So first of all…Use a Legitimate Domain…What’s the return address on your Auto-Responders? Do not use a free email service like Yahoo, G-mail or Hotmail, the chances are good that many of your messages are missing the mark. Instead, spend a little coin and register a domain and use that e-mail.

Next, always avoid the “hype-y” language. Are all of your emails the best ever, urging people to buy now? If you consistently use a lot of hype-y language in your emails it’s going to incAuto-Respondersrease the chances that spam filters will figure that your messages are unwanted. It’s your job to ask people to buy…just don’t over do it.

Do people know who you are when they see your name in their inbox? It can be helpful to use a person’s name on a marketing e-mail, but make sure that your subject line identifies your brand or even company if you can. This way people will not miss your emails or assume your email is more spam.

Another thing you could do is use double opt -in. There are very talented marketers on both side’s of this issue. Some say you lose to many potential leads/sales when they have to go back and click a link in their e-mail. Others say it’s well worth it in saving spam complaints and that double opt-in leads convert better. They go on to ask if you know that all of your subs want to be on your list at all. Either way I suggest you read up on both and make a decision you can work with.

Implementing these 3 or 4 quick tips will do a great deal to decrease the chances of your e-mail ending up in someones spam folder. You can read more about this subject in the Aweber knowledge base.


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