Hello Everyone

Well……if you haven’t read the “About Michael” drop-down on the front (in a nutshell) it tells about how I lost hosting, subscriber list etc. Thus, this is my 1000th blog post but you are only seeing the first one…:-) If that makes sense.

It all works out for the best in the end though as now you will be getting all brand new and up to date information. When put that way, remembering all of the posts I lost doesn’t sting so much!

So I was away for about a year and since I’ve been back I have noticed much has changed, and from what I can see in my little world, all for the good! I see lot’s of new names and of course products. I love to see all of the new names of marketers that’s have “made it” in just this last year. It’s amazing and I know I have only seen the tip of the iceberg. People are making money left and right. The products continue to get better and better, especially in making things easier for digital marketers to do everything from create product’s to track them and so on.

So I will be running the blog as always. When I find some good information that will help your business, of course I’ll post it. If you folks come across some good information you are more than welcome to guest blog. Just shoot me an email. Also, every once in awhile I come across a product that I’ve tried and I think will help some or all of my customers I will certainly post it. However, please remember, it will have my affiliate link attached. After all, we are online marketers and are doing this to make a living. Just because we are making a living in digital marketing does not mean we have to be dishonest. Unfortunately, there are some out there that lie, cheat ,and steal to make money and give the rest of us a bad name. It’s unfortunate but it happens. We can celebrate the fact that they most always get caught up and booted. Sometimes all the way offline!

Beast of Luck Everyone,

I look forward To Hearing from all of you!



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