When Google Adsense Fails You

So you happened to be in a hurry: as usual lately and you just throw your Adsense links up on the page without reading any instructions. It happens. You have so much to do to start showing some income from all this time you have invested that we all tend to over look some things occasionally.

A common one…. Maybe you had 500 visitors a day to your website and yet no clicks on your Adsense links. Your first instinct is to check them yourself right?

So you click your link, go to the adsense dashboard and sure enough, there’s proof your link is working! So a couple days later you look and still nothing more.

So you click your ad again only this time a big Green Google Monster reaches out of your computer and slime’s your keyboard with google slime. Now whenever you try to access your links or the google dashboard your hand slides off your keyboard.

You’ve Been Banned!!!

BTW..Not just for clicking your own links but you also had 5 links on one of your blog pages. You see those fancy text boxes that have 3 or 4 URL’s in them count for 3 or 4 ad’s. Your allowed 3 per page!

I’m not making this up…it happens everyday!

It’s very important to read Googles directions.

The good news is that they say you can appeal! (Yeah right. Be happy we’re not talking about Capital Punishment)

There are many options available for you to monetize your website without using Google Adsense. If you are looking for ways to boost traffic to your website and earn from it at the same time, here are some alternatives you may want to try:

1. PopAds

PopAds are best known for their popunder ads, however they do provide a number of other options to help you monetize your website. Their signup and approval process is quite simple and their ads can also be set up with relative ease on your website. If you make at least $5 in a day you can receive your earnings on a daily basis.

2.  PopCash
This network specializes exclusively in pop-under ads and can be used on websites anywhere in the world, for mobile or desktop sites. They payout earnings by means of wire transfers, Payza, Paxum and Paypal.

3. Propeller Ads
Propeller ads describe themselves as an all in one advertising platform, which not only offers monetization solutions but marketing solutions as well. Pop-under ads are their mainstay, but they also provide banners. They also provide the scope for you to make more earnings than with Google Adsense, especially because of their reach and their ability to monetize mobile sites.

4. Infolinks
Infolinks is viewed as a one stop shop when it comes to seeking out monetization options. They offer these options on any platform, and you may fully customize them to suit your needs. They also deliver the ads to your target audience in real time. Sign up is free, some of their ads are free and there are also no restrictions based on your website traffic.

5. Media.net
Media.net has one of the largest pools of advertisers in the world and as a result is able to offer a variety of monetization solutions. They are the closest network advertising platform to Google Adsense, powering Bing and Yahoo. They run an impressive global ads campaign and in contrast to Google Adsense, their approval process generally takes around two days.



Michael O’Reilly


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