Writing Emails-20 Simple Reminders

So people ask me; Michael, What does it take to get the most click’s when I’m writing emails to sell a product.

Well, when I first started I had a list. Just like the following one I will write for you. I would keep it taped to my desk just to the side of my computer until I began to memorize them. It’s actually a very laid back way to learn! 🙂
Use a Great Subject Line:writing emails

#1. Be specific and useful. Rather than saying, “You’re going to love this,” use “How to get a 27% increase in stamina.”

#2. Identify yourself consistently. Don’t call yourself Michael O’Reilly in one email, Mike O’Reilly in a second email and O’Reilly’s Review in a third. Pick a name and stick with it so recipients recognize you.

#3. Use words such as ‘sale,’ ‘new,’ ‘alert,’ ‘news bulletin,’ ‘daily,’ ‘weekly’ and ‘free.’….avoid using the free word more than once or you may end up in a spam folder.

#4. Ask a question. “Are you ready for this Tuesday?” or “Do you know how to increase subscribers by 42% with one tweak?”

#5. Test, test, test your subject lines, then reuse what works and discard what doesn’t.

#6. Don’t use the same or similar subject line twice in a row. Ever.

#7. Use timely topics when possible.

#8. Use [but don’t over use] urgency

#9. Use all caps to emphasize one or two important words. Once per mail.

#10.Use brackets to create a second attention getter,like this: 12 killer traffic methods [And the 5 WORST]

Optimize the body content:

#1. Use writing emails always use SHORT paragraphs, just one or two sentences each. Make’s it super easy to read.

#2. Use photos that sell your message. Make sure you compress them (TinyPNG) and optimize them.

#3. Be clear about what the offer is and how it impacts and benefits the reader.

#4. Use a strong call to action. writing emails without spam


#5. Give the name and location of your company – look REAL, not fly by night.

#6. When writing emails focus on only ONE action you want your reader to take.

#7. Make your email as long as it needs to be and no longer.

#8. Use urgency but don’t over do it. Use action words and action phrases. Don’t use passive language. Make it personal. “Grab your copy”, not “Get a copy” Now or Today.

#9. Make your button big enough. Remember, the majority of subscribers will be reading your email on a phone or tablet, so make your button big enough for a human finger to easily tap.

#10. Make your call to action and button visually distinctive and inviting.

Finally and most importantly, put your personality into the e-mails. Tell your story like your talking to an old friend at the pub.Only leave out the “colorful” language


I hope you enjoyed everyone—





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